The 13 Best Enneagram Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

Updated: November 6, 2023
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Are you interested in diving deep into the world of Enneagram personality types? These incredible Enneagram podcasts got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned Enneagram enthusiast or just starting your journey of self-discovery, this list of our favorite podcasts gives you all the insight into the Enneagram imaginable. Expert interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and unusual takes will help you discover every last secret of the Enneagram there is.

Join us as we explore the best Enneagram podcasts out there. Then pick your favorite one to guide you on your path to personal growth and understanding.

What you will learn
#1 Best Enneagram Podcast: Typology by Ian Morgan Cron

Typology with Ian Morgan Cron


Ian Cron, co-author of two of the best Enneagram books out there, also has a podcast. And there’s a reason it’s at the top of almost every best Enneagram podcast list.

Ian is not only an engaging writer, but also a great podcast host. Not less intriguing are the large variety of guests he has on his show.

This is also a good podcast if you’re still looking for your Enneagram type, because there are dedicated episodes on each type. What we found especially helpful were the episodes where panels of people who all share the same type discuss what it’s like being that type with Ian.

Favorite Episode: My favorite episode was the very first with Rob Bell – but that’s just because I love Rob so much. Greg’s favorite episode was the one with Jeff Goins about why image isn’t everything – I still remember the day he told me about it (it was a Tuesday).

Podcast cover Sleeping At Last

The Sleeping at Last Podcast with Ryan O’Neal


If you haven’t listened to Sleeping At Last’s album “Atlas: Enneagram” yet, do it now. Ryan O’Neal, the man behind the band, recorded an entire album on all nine Enneagram types. And he made a podcast about it.

This is our number two, because the sheer beauty of his music combined with his own explanations and in-depth dissection of how his songs were inspired by each enneagram type are a completely unique thing in the Enneagram podcast landscape.

You don’t just learn about Ryan’s writing process, though. He’s also joined by author Chris Heuertz, who wrote “The Sacred Enneagram”, explaining the nine types in beautiful language.

The Sleeping At Last podcast is not about the Enneagram alone, so there’s much more to discover here than just Ryan’s Enneagram album. But for that alone it’s worth a visit.

Favorite Episode: Our favorite episodes were easy here – there are only nine, and we loved them all.

Podcast cover The Enneagram Journey by Suzanne Stabile

The Enneagram Journey with Suzanne Stabile


The Enneagram Journey is hosted by Suzanne Stabile, co-author of Ian Cron on The Road Back To You and The Path Between us. She’s an internationally recognized Enneagram teacher, has conducted countless seminars over the past 25 years and has an incredibly big heart.

She takes the third spot on the podium for bringing in a much-needed female perspective in a field that so often has more women than men in the audience, but more men than women on the stage. Suzanne is a great host with deep insights and features wonderful guests on almost all of her episodes.

Favorite Episode: My favorite episode is the one with Casey McCollum about Fives in relationships. As someone coming from type Five, I felt very comforted. Greg loved episode 36 – as a type Three father married to a type Seven, he told me he loved to hear two other parents with aggressive stances talk about parenting.

Podcast cover Do it for the Gram by Milton Stewart

Do It For The Gram with Stewart Milton


On place four we’re putting Milton Stewart’s Do It For The Gram. Just like Suzanne Stabile is a much needed female voice in the Enneagram landscape, so is Milton a much needed voice of color in an otherwise very white Enneagram environment.

The best thing about it is that Milton also guest starts mostly other people of color, and he’s not afraid to address topics of race and social justice in his episodes.

Favorite Episode: Consequently, both Greg and I found his series of episodes on the Enneagram and color among the best he has put out. 

The Art of Growth with Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman


The Art of Growth is a Boston-based Enneagram project started by Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman that originally wasn’t planned to be a podcast at all. One day, however, the decided to publish a series they had created for their Enneagram workshops, and to their surprise, people not only started to download and listen, but wanted more. Since then, they have been covering the Enneagram from all angles. Their aim is to ground the Enneagram in real life, even if that means asking tough questions about the often inaccurate, if nor harmful, pop culture that has sprung around the system.

Favorite Episode: This is highly personal, but it’s the one called “2023 IEA Conference” – because that’s where Greg and I got to meet Jim an Joel in person, and their take on the conference closely mirrors our own experience.

Ennagram 2.0 with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes


If you’re looking for a true deep dive into the Enneagram’s inner workings, “Enneagram 2.0” with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes is the podcast for you. As a psychotherapist and author, Beatrice brings her extensive knowledge to the table. Together with Uranio, an internationally renowned Enneagram teacher, they explore the complexities of each type. Featuring special guests like Russ Hudson and focusing on the more esoteric parts of the Enneagram, this is for everyone who wants to explore the spectrum of spiritual Enneagram theory that is currently out there.

Favorite Episode: Actually, it’s two: Their conversation with Russ Hudson in the Season 2 episodes 28 and 29. It’s always inspiring when three of the foremost Enneagram teachers come together and exchange their experiences.

Fathoms | An Enneagram Podcast


A slightly different approach to the Enneagram by Seth Abram, Seth Creekmore, and Drew Moser. They present interesting content about the Enneagram without going through the standard formulas. Being heavily gues-focused, with appearances from renowned people from all kinds of fields, there is tons of content here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Favorite Episode: There was a lot to choose from, but between all their intersting takes on trauma, chronic illness, and socialization, we loved their episode on Neuroscience the most.

Around the Circle with Jeff Cook and T.J. Wilson


Join Jeff Cook and T.J. Wilson on a captivating journey “Around the Circle” as they explore the Enneagram’s spiritual dimensions. This podcast delves into the profound connections between faith, psychology, and personal growth, providing listeners with deep insights into themselves and their spiritual journeys. Go to their website to find the other two podcasts they are hosting as well – “Movie Typing”, where they dig into the personality types of cinema characters; and “Start Here”, a podcast about helping you find your Enneagram type.

Favorite Episode: Again, not a single one: We absolutely loved their series on songwriters. Exploring each type from the perspective of music not only refutes the often repeated misconception about some types being more creative than others, but also shines a wonderful spotlight on how personality shapes the way we see and create art.

Originality with Jessica Dalton


Between all the long-format podcasts featured in this article, Jessica Dalton’s “Originality” is a welcome break. In short and concise episodes, this podcast explores how each Enneagram type expresses themselves creatively and encourages listeners to embrace their unique gifts. Jessica interviews artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, inspiring their listeners to tap into their creative potential using the language of the Enneagram.

Favorite Episode: We were unable to pick a single one here as well. But we loved their super short “Kind and Concise” descriptions of each type. It was a unique and wonderful take at making all nine types accessible to newcomers to the Enneagram.

Podcast cover Enneagram and Marriage by Christa Hardin

Enneagram and Marriage with Christa Hardin


We can’t publish this list without recommending the Enneagram and Marriage podcast by Christa Hardin. This is a podcast almost completely devoted to making relationships and especially marriages work (better) with the help of the Enneagram. And if there’s one area of life where the Enneagram has arguably the most potential to be a game-changer, it’s in our most intimate relationships.

Favorite Episode: Christa addresses so many different and interesting topics that it’s hard for us to point you to the one that’s better than anyone else. But Greg, as a young father, really found the episode about Enneagram types during pregnancy to be very enlightening. And as for me, who’s preferred mode of spending time with people is over a shared meal – I loved the episodes about the importance of eating together.

Enneagram & Coffee with Sarajane Case


Sarajane Case, who wrote the fantastic book The H.O.N.E.S.T. Enneagram, also has a podcast. Join her virtual coffee shop as she serves up a blend of Enneagram wisdom and personal growth in “Enneagram and Coffee.” Sarajane’s authentic approach creates a wonderful safe space for listeners to explore their Enneagram types and embrace their true selves. Full of insightful conversations and actionable advice.

Favorite Episode: “The Wings of the Enneagram”. It’s a fantastic episode that delves into the significance of Enneagram wings and offers a comprehensive exploration of how they influence your personality and personal development.

Enneagram Typecast with Lee Milligan and Caryn Berley


Dive into the world of pop culture and the Enneagram with “Enneagram Typecast”, hosted by Lee Milligan and Caryn Berley. This podcast takes the approach of examining how the Enneagram manifests in fictional characters and storytelling. Lee is amazing at dissecting movies, TV shows, and literature, helping listeners connect with the Enneagram types across the myriad of characters we so often identify with, even when they’re not real.

Favorite Episode: We admit it: The episode on “Enneagram Types in Harry Potter”. We have a soft spot for the book, and we loved who Lee and Caryn dissect J.K. Rowling’s iconic characters, revealing the Enneagram types they embody and shedding light on their behavioral patterns and motivations.

The Enneagram Workshop with Vanessa Fernandez


Vanessa Fernandez, another Enneagram teacher we admire, has a small podcast too, and it’s really good. She took a prolonged break between season one and two, and it’s not updated as regularly as other podcasts, but it is definitely worth checking in every now and then.

Favorite Episode: Our favorite episodes where her three-part series on how shame affects all nine Enneagram types. Often, certain emotions are singled out for certain types. But we agree with Vanessa that every emotion should be examined for every type.

That’s it.

Leave a comment and tell us and other people which Enneagram podcasts you love and listen to!

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