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Photo of Team of Personality Path (Greg, Chris, Zippora)
Our mission
Our dream is that every person gets the chance to discover who they really are and become their healthiest self. That’s why we want to make personality work easy to understand, fun and hands-on for everybody.

Personality Path

What’s up with that name?

There’s a reason we chose the metaphor of a path for the work we want to do here.

Our personality fundamentally shapes the lives we live on this planet. And just as our lives can be viewed as a road we walk down, our personality walks along with us.

Sometimes that path is a neatly paved, smooth road with nice food stalls every couple hundred yards and a beautiful sunset for us to walk into.

More often than not though, it’s a bit rocky, a bit bumpy, with a few too many puddles for us to get our shoes wet in, and the kind of grey, drizzling rain that slowly but steadily soaks you to the bone.

Then, sometimes, there seems to be no path at all. Because we are the first to walk it.

“We want people to be able to walk their individual path with purpose, meaning and a deep sense of joy."

Let’s be honest, life can be messy and mean. But also, so can we. We are all imperfect, which is just another way of saying we’re all human.

That’s where all our modern hype around „self-improvement“ is coming from. And while the idea to work on yourself is a noble one, the way our culture does it is often harmful. Telling yourself every day that you’re not good enough the way you are won’t help you become a more fulfilled person.

So what if it’s not about telling yourself that you need to change because you’re not good enough? What if everything that makes you unique and wonderful is already laid-out inside of you? What if you shouldn’t change who you are, but are rather invited to rediscover who you’ve been all along?

This is where the Enneagram offers help: To rediscover who you already are and to celebrate the gifts and potential that come with your particular and unique shade of personality.

That’s what our work on this website centers around. To hand people a box of helpful tools that give them a chance to reacquaint themselves with their true nature – the good, the bad and the ugly – and by doing that, grow. We believe that when we become aware of the patterns in our personality and behavior, it will help us connect better to ourselves and to the people that accompany us on our path.

We created Personality Path to be a space where you can learn how to walk your road fuller and richer, even if you have to actually get off the beaten path and forge your own way.

Our Values

We Understand we Have a Big Responsibility

The Enneagram, the personality typing system we use on this website, is a powerful tool for self-awareness and personal growth. And as everyone’s favorite uncle said in his immortal words to young Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” We hear you, Ben.

That’s why we committed ourselves to follow a responsible approach to the Enneagram that aims to value the essence and depth of it, without trying to reduce it to simple personality-typing clickbait.

Part of that means that we are in constant contact with Enneagram teachers who are much wiser and more experienced than us, in order to stay humble and keep learning. We also subscribe to the ethical guidelines of the International Enneagram Association.

Additionally, here’s our own take on how we approach the Enneagram:

Grow tolerance & empathy
We teach the Enneagram with the goal of increasing tolerance, empathy and understanding between people, not to stereotype people or limit them.
Appreciate people
We treat people with respect and appreciation, honoring their boundaries and the time and work it takes to apply the self-knowledge gained from encountering the Enneagram.
Be positive & authentic
We are committed to positive and authentic developments through the Enneagram, while recognizing that the Enneagram doesn’t contain all knowledge about an individual’s personality.
Work from experience & certification
For us, a certification by an established Enneagram school is as much a prerequisite for teaching the Enneagram as our own honest and profound experiences with it.
Ensure quality
We commit to maintain and improve our quality standards through further training, networking and supervision by reliable Enneagram experts.

Our Stories

Meet the Team

Photo of Personality Path's team member Gregor Schneider
Gregor Schneider
Founder | Enneagram Type 3

Greg stumbled upon the Enneagram during a personal crisis in his late twenties, and it has been a game-changer for him, to say the least. Since then, he’s been studying the system under one of the leading experts in the field, renowned (and by now retired) pastor and scholar Andreas Ebert.

Later, Greg started teaching the Enneagram together with Andreas. During that time, he realized that he wanted to make the Enneagram more accessible to the growing audience of his own and subsequent generations. His experience as a consultant and business coach for various startups, large and small organizations and many individual people gave him the idea to create Personality Path: A platform to teach the Enneagram in a fresh new way to the generations of the 21st century.

By the way, for those who want to know: Greg is also a professional member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and the Ecumenical Enneagram Association in Germany.

“For me, the greatest joy is to inspire and help people share the gift they carry inside them with the world.“

Photo of Personality Path's team member Christian Ebert
Christian Ebert
Co-Founder | Enneagram Type 5

Chris first learned about the Enneagram through a podcast by the Liturgists, although it didn’t actually have any impact on him until a couple years later, when he was re-introduced by a couple of friends (one of them Greg). That’s when he found that it helped explain a lot of his patterns and behavior in a way that helped him understand himself and his weird brain much better.

Chris has always been a curious guy, so he started reading. When Greg asked him if he wanted to help with a new project that made the Enneagram more accessible to his own generation, he didn’t take much convincing (to be fair, Greg’s also a pretty convincing guy). As someone who has spent most of his professional life so far researching, writing and editing, he thinks it’s pretty nice that he gets to be the guy who’s basically doing researching, writing and editing around here.

“If everyone can be impacted by the Enneagram the way I’ve been, this world might just get a tiny smidge better, and I’d very much enjoy being a part of that.“

Zippora Schneider-Ulrich
Co-Founder | Enneagram Type 7

Zippora took her first Enneagram test to prove to her husband – who happens to be Greg – that it wouldn’t work on her, just so he would finally shut up about it.

To her initial dismay – but eventual joy – the descriptions of her type were painfully accurate. Not only were they explaining what was happening inside of her but also how that affected their communication as a couple. That eye-opening moment started her on a path of healing and restoration ever since.

After realizing the depth and potential of the Enneagram herself, Zippora readily hopped on board to offer her talents as an artist, creative producer and singer. Her job is to help find creative ways to share people’s stories and experiences on their path with the Enneagram on this platform.

"I believe the Enneagram can give hope to everyone, regardless of their situation – to be an advocate of this hope is my life’s purpose.“

Expert Advice

We Had Some Help

Our good friend Andreas Ebert was one of the top-experts and pioneers of the Enneagram. Although his recent passing came way too soon for all of us, we remember him as the incredibly inspiring and profound teachers of true spirituality that changed the lives of thousands of people around the planet.

Andreas was the co-author of the best-selling book “The Enneagram – A Christian Perspective”, which he wrote together with Richard Rohr, another renowned teacher of the Enneagram. For decades, he taught the Enneagram in a way that helped countless people rediscover and rewrite the story of their personality. Andreas is also acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of the International Enneagram Association.

Also, to avoid any confusion: No, Chris and Andreas are not related, even though they share a last name. It’s just one of those coincidences.

“It is time for the Enneagram to be presented in a fresh new way. I believe that this is achieved here in a marvelous and convincing way.“

Photo of Andreas Ebert
Andreas Ebert
Advisor | Enneagram Type 2
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