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Find the deep motivations that drive your team members.

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The simplest way to put deep insights into practice

You are a team manager and want your team to thrive, improve communication, reduce conflict, and boost efficiency. You don’t want to spend your time and money on expensive consultants, complicated setups, and superficial analyses. You just want results that you can use practically, effectively, and immediately. 

The Easiest Setup
Pay with a credit card, create your account with your email and password, log into your account and send out your type reports. That’s all.
No Overhead
Our test and type reports are completely self-explanatory. No consultants needed, no extra training, no special support. You can interpret and work with your results all by yourself.
Insights you can actually use
We are the only online personality testing site that helps your clients and team members go beyond mere analysis. We give you, your clients, and your team members the tools to get pratical with their results right away.
It only gets better
Our reports start at 29$ and get cheaper as your order count goes up.
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