The 8 Best Enneagram Books to Read in 2023

Updated: November 20, 2023
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You don't have to read a single book on the Enneagram – but if you still want to, you should start with these.

Welcome to the most up-to-date list on the best Enneagram books you can read this year.

If you are looking for:

  • Books that allow you to dive really deep into the Enneagram
  • Books that are easy to read without losing depth
  • Enneagram books which give you the most value for your money

…then you’ll love this list.

Alright, let’s get going.

What you will learn
Book cover of The wisdom of the Enneagram

Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson

1. The Wisdom of the Enneagram

This is a classic and tops the majority of our list of best Enneagram books, and for a good reason. Riso and Hudson are two of the most prolific pioneers of the Enneagram, and this book is their best summary of the subject.

It’s a rewarding read for advanced readers just as much as for beginners. We come back to it often to this day and always discover something new.

And if that wasn’t enough, this book introduced the game changer to the Enneagram theory of how the nine types behave at different levels of personal development. It’s worth reading just for that.

Cover of Ian Cron's The Story of You

Ian Morgan Cron

2. The Story of You

This book changed our view on the Enneagram. Cron and his then co-writer Suzanne Stabile had already written a bestseller (when it comes to Enneagram books) with their previous work The Road Back to You. A lot of our own inspiration and fascination with the Enneagram came from that book. But this one is arguably even better.

This time, Cron is able to look at the personality types of the Enneagram from yet another perspective: That of the stories we tell ourselves. If you want to, you could say the “types” of the Enneagram are nothing but that: The results of the stories we have been telling ourselves all our lives. It’s honestly one of the approaches to make it clear how the Enneagram can be used for good.

As in his previous work, the best thing about this book besides the content of course is the beautiful conversational tone and his relatable, hilarious, and heart-moving storytelling.

Richard Rohr & Andreas Ebert

3. The Enneagram From a Christian Perspective

Alright, we admit it, we’re biased here: The late Andreas Ebert was one of our dear friends and personal advisors, and this site wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t introduced us to the Enneagram in the first place.

But really, this book doesn’t need any favors. Richard Rohr is one of the greatest pioneers of the Enneagram in the western world, and the book he and Ebert have written beautifully connects the the psychological insights of the Enneagram with the spiritual richness of the Christian tradition.

The journey of walking with the Enneagram closely mirrors the journey Christians walk on their path with God in many ways. So even if you call yourself non-religious, this book will offer you something other books can’t.


Claudia Nario & Hugo Krüger

4. Nine Sapiens: Biology and Evolution of Personality Types

There are many books in this list that are already famous in the Enneagram world. This is not of one of them. However, in our opinion, it should be. Claudia Nario and Hugo Krüger are some of the first authors to tread the line between science and the Enneagram, and they do so brilliantly. Their approach is based in evolutionary biology, tracing the neurological and evolutionary pathways that have likely contributed to the formation of the nine personality types that have survived to this day. If you are scientifically inclined at all, this is the book for you.

Book cover of The Path Between Us

Suzanne Stabile

5. The Path Between Us

We already mentioned Suzanne Stabile as the co-author of The Road Back to You. In this one, she is going all in on relationships.

We recommend you read this after The Story of You (or The Road Back to You), because it perfectly builds on it, and it requires that you already know your type. You will dive deeper into how your personality relates to others, and how to connect, communicate, and love better.

This is the book for you if you really want to take your relationships to the next level. While reading a book that is.

#5 Best Enneagram Book:The Honest Enneagram

Sarajane Case

6. The Honest Enneagram

Sarajane Case is the woman behind the insanely successful instagram account enneagramandcoffee, and this is her take on the Enneagram in book form.

We found this another amazing introduction into the Enneagram, not just because of Sarajane’s approachable and heartfelt writing, but because of her incredibly actionable approach to making the personality types of the Enneagram work for you.

Her approach, which she calls the H.O.N.E.S.T method (read the book to find out what that acronym means), turns the nine Enneagram types from purely mind-opening descriptions into ways you can start to grow. It’s basically what we’re trying to do with Personality Path, but in book form. Highest recommendations, well deserved spot on the best Enneagram books list.

#6 Best Enneagram Book:The Enneagram in Love and Work

Helen Palmer

7. The Enneagram in Love and Work

Helen Palmer is one of those other names you’ll come across again and again. Which is justified. She’s right up there with Hudson, Ross, Rohr, and Ebert when it comes to advancing the Enneagram. This is just one of her many books we could have put on that list.

This is another book delving into relationships. You get a complete directory of how each type relates against the other nine types. You’ll learn what’s important to your partner, friends, and family, and how you can build a better relationship with them.

But it’s also called Love and Work – Palmer also uses the chance to explore how the Enneagram can help us with our relationships at work. Which brings us to the last book on this list.

#7 Best Enneagram Book:The 9 Ways of Working

Michael J. Goldberg

8. The 9 Ways of Working

There aren’t that many Enneagram books on how to use the Enneagram at the workplace yet, but this is one of the best. Goldberg is a teacher and consultant with a buttload of experience, and it shows.

Some of the examples might feel bit dated (the book is from 1999), but that doesn’t detract from the amazing advice Goldberg gives on how to actually communicate better with your colleagues, employees and superiors.

That’s it.

Leave a comment and tell us and other people which Enneagram books you have read this year, which would be on your personal list and, if you’ve read them, what you think about the books on this list.

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4 months ago

You missed an important enneagram book. 2023 was a year that the originator of the modern enneagram system, Oscar Ichazo, finally published two in-depth enneagram books that unveil his ‘complete’ theory of the enneagram including new information that has not been revealed before. I bought my Ichazo books from the Arica School online store.

1 year ago

do you have any other book recommendations? Anything that came out recently?

1 year ago

As much as I don’t like Sarajane’s Instagram, I did enjoy her book. The Honest Enneagram is one of those few Enneagram books where you feel better about yourself at the end instead of worse.

1 year ago

I love Ian Cron. Completely agree that his books are the best on the Enneagram out there right now.

1 year ago

I don’t read books, which is why I’d rather read about the Enneagram on your website 😉

1 year ago

My personal favorite author when it comes to the Enneagram is Beatrice Chestnut. Maybe you should give her an honourable mention at least.

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