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About Your Type

You are self-sufficient, detached, and cerebral. That’s because your personality is based on the belief that the world is intrusive and overwhelming. To defend against this threat, you decided that the safest bet is to try and solve the world from within your mind. You are amazing at staying rational and sober, even in highly emotional situations, but you struggle getting out of your head and engaging with the world practically.

When you look at the world, you see a place of endless information, mystery and scope. To navigate it, you compartmentalize, categorize and analyze, in the hope that if only you can create sufficient order and structure, the world will become manageable.

The position you like to take the most is that of the quiet observer. You value your independence and privacy highly. You are much better at sharing public information than private and intimate knowledge about yourself. It’s common for people who have known someone of your type for a long time and still can’t tell others a lot of personal details about you.

In a way, you are a bit like a squirrel that is always stockpiling for the next winter. You like to acquire information, but you are not quick about sharing yourself. It’s basically the opposite of type Two, who gives easily but has a hard time to receive something.

On the other hand, you are pretty undemanding. You will be content as long as you get to follow your interests, collect your data, analyze it, and file it into your ever expanding inner compendium of the world.

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