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People of type Three are very ambitious, efficient, and goal-driven. That’s because their personality is built on the belief that you are only valuable if you’re the best at everything you do. They work hard to earn the love and admiration of others. To do that, they have become good at turning off their emotions to get the job done and power through. But sooner or later, they struggle with having a clear picture of who they are apart from their achievements.

The positive can-do attitude of type Three is often tremendously inspiring. Their effortless charm makes them incredibly persuasive. People of this type inspire you to be more, to do more, to dream bigger.

People shaped by type Three are often very successful at whatever they do. Everyone wants to live a successful life in one way or another. But Threes feel that they *need* to be successful in order not to be worthless.

This also means that despite all their confidence, Threes can suffer a lot from imposter syndrome. By letting others define who they need to be in order to be accepted, they often hide their real feelings. They feel that no one would love them without their achievements and the status symbols they acquire along the way.

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