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About Your Type

People of type One are idealistic, self-disciplined, and diligent. That’s because the personality of type One is shaped by the drive to do the right thing at all times. They divide the world in very clear camps of 'right' and 'wrong', with little in between. They continuously strive to improve themselves, because their inner critic is rarely satisfied. In their mind, things can always be done better. As a consequence, they can be very critical of others, but even more so of themselves.

For type One, the world often feels like a giant dishwasher that someone didn’t learn how to fill properly. The spoons are spooning, the dishes are derailed, and there’s never enough space between the bowls. While other types might be able to just shrug their shoulders and keep on doing their thing, type One can’t look away.

So they try their best to make a difference, first and foremost in their own life. They have high standards for their work and relationships, which means they are very disciplined and willing to sacrifice for what they believe is good and true.

To other people, this often looks like perfectionism. And indeed, one of the biggest struggles for type One is to know when to stop improving. The most important lesson for type One is that good is often better than perfect, that less is usually more, and that taking things easy is not a sign of laziness, but of self-care.

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