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Learn and grow with the Enneagram

The Enneagram Personality System is an incredibly rich and powerful tool for discovering your personality. Whether you’re brand new or you already know the Enneagram – we have guides to many topics of the Enneagram that will help you learn and grow!

Shapes representing modules you can take to learn and grow with the Enneagram




Start here if you are new to the Enneagram. Get to know this rich and powerful tool for personality work.

Start here

The complete introduction to the Enneagram

Find out how the Enneagram works and where it came from. It’s the shortest (complete!) introduction you will find on the internet (it’s still long – bring a snack)!

How the Enneagram can help you grow

Find out what the Enneagram is for and why so many people find it so helpful on their personal growth path.

How (not) to use the Enneagram

You can use the Enneagram to make the world better. But you can also abuse it to make it worse. Learn how to do the first and avoid the latter.

Unsure about your personality?

Find Your Personality Type

The road to all the great stuff the Enneagram has to offer starts with finding out your main Enneagram type. There are nine – find yours!

Get Started

Take the free personality test

In less than 12 minutes you will get your first big hint on what your main Enneagram type is.

Beginner’s Guide

How to know your type for sure

Not sure you got the right type? This guide will tell you why that can happen and give you practical tips to find your true Enneagram type.

Complete Guide

Do you feel like you could have mistyped?

This complete guide to the most common Enneagram misidentifications will help you distinguish each type from one another.

Ready for the deep dive?

Learn more about you and others

You are more complex than one number. Learn how the Enneagram goes deeper into your personality than any other system!

Type Descriptions 

Get to know the types

Start here to get a basic understanding of the nine personality types of the Enneagram.

Type descriptions

Explore the wings

Find out how the types next to you influence your personality. You will find descriptions for every type-wing-combination here!