How to become the person you want to be

Uncovering your personality can be like a fast track towards awareness. It shows you what you truly need to live a healthy, confident and satisfied life.
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Learning about your personality type can feel like finally getting the key to something that was locked deep inside you all your life.
But at the same time, we are sure you have many questions. And the biggest one of all will probably be:

“Fine, but how does that help me?”

The Enneagram is much more than a system of personality types. But with the internet being what it is, it is so often reduced to a fun little quizlet. 
We want to offer you something more.

So much of the self-help stuff out there fails miserably because it relies on a one-size-fits-all approach. But that doesn’t take into account how different people with different personalities need different answers for their specific challenges.

That is where we think we can help you.
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Your Hidden Motivation

Find out why you do the things you do and what’s really going on behind the behavior of Type Eights.

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See how your desire to be strong and in control benefits you, but also how it challenges your relationships.


Realize what you need to thrive at the work you do and how to strike the right balance as a Type Eight at your workplace.

Gifts & Blind Spots

Learn to celebrate what makes you amazing. Face the parts of your personality that are holding your back.


Rediscover the messages that shaped you in your childhood and which helped create the person you are today.

Your Path Towards Growth

Tackle the challenges that have been with you all your life. Develop better habits, and discover tools that help you stay on the path when life gets tough.

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Eights exude strength, which means many people want to be in their presence, especially those that admire their confidence. But what Eighths admire in others is this same strength, which means many of those who want to be close to Eights don’t qualify in their eyes. Oftentimes, Eights find it nearly impossible to be in any sort of relationship with people who don’t have the self-confidence to stand up for themselves the way an Eight does.

Beautiful things that you bring to your relationships

You are hardworking and reliable
You are a protector
You provide for the people you love
You make others feel safe
You have no troubles making tough decisions
You challenge and inspire others to rise above their normal selves

A few things that may not be serving your relationships

Thinking you can and have to do it all alone
Not opening up about your vulnerabilities
Being insensitive towards the feelings of others
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