Chapter 6 | Enneagram Type 1

Your Path From Here

What’s on the horizon?

The Enneagram is an amazing tool that allows you to fast-track your process of discovering yourself. For many people, what would take them decades to learn through a lot of painful experiences by themselves is revealed by their Enneagram type description. That can almost feel like magic.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you already knew parts of what you read here about yourself, but hadn’t yet found words to describe them. Maybe you also found some things that didn’t feel great at first.

We want you to know that this is not another self-improvement hype we want you to buy into. Too many times the world already yells at us that we are not okay the way we are. That we first need to change and become someone else to be happy. 

But the Enneagram doesn’t try to “fix“ you. You don’t need to change your personality, and you certainly don’t need to get rid of it in exchange for something „better“. You are simply invited to discover and accept who you are. Wonderful – but also limited. Gifted, but also challenged. Most importantly, you are already loved.

What we hope is that this journey into your type helped you rediscover some things that have been forgotten, rejected or buried in your life. That’s what the Enneagram is best at. We all have parts of us that we have learned or were taught to push aside. The path you are invited on is to find your way back to the things you have lost. It is also a path forward to the things you are capable of even if you don’t realize it yet.

Whatever your path looks like, we thank you for allowing us to help you on your way. We feel incredibly honored for your trust, and we wish you grace and peace on your journey ahead.

Signature of Chris, Greg and Zippora

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At the very end of your Full Report, we want to leave you with a few final questions to reflect on your journey:
If you had to choose only one concrete, actionable thing you take away from this experience, what would it be?
What is the most valuable insight about yourself you have taken from your Full Report?
What parts did you feel were especially hard for you?
What was surprisingly easy for you?
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We hope you found some of these exercises helpful, engaging, encouraging and challenging.

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