Illustration of Enneagram Type 9: "The Peacemaker"

Enneagram Type 9

The Peacemaker

Accepting – Reassuring – Easy-Going

What is an Enneagram Type 9 Personality?

“Nines” can bring people together and heal conflicts or be held back by passivity and stubbornness.

Discover The Great Things About Enneagram Type 9

Nines are connectors. They are trusting and unselfish supporters of peace and understanding. Nines are usually called „Peacemakers“ because they look for internal and external harmony, trying to build a world without conflict around themselves. Their gift to relate to others by taking on their perspective comes from a deep feeling of connection with the world around them and an easiness to listen and just be present without judgement. Nines are profoundly patient. Where other people’s solutions are often hammers, Nines are like water: softly washing away the stone until the heart of the problem is revealed.

Key Motivation

Nines are looking for stability – especially of their own inner self. They long for a continuous state of inner peace, of harmony between themselves and their surroundings. Their fear of being in conflict, of experiencing tension and losing their connection to others, makes them very accepting and eager to get along with people.

The Worst, The Best, and The Average of Enneagram Type 9

Your personality isn’t a fixed thing. People grow. While we don’t change our basic personality (as much as some of us would like that), we all can become more mature and healthy inside our personality. But at times, we also revert to less healthy behavior. This looks different for every personality type. Let’s see how it unfolds for Nines.

Average Type 9s

Average Nines are sweet and easygoing people who are more inclined to take themselves back in favor of others. Nines are usually not very demanding people. They prefer to ignore the more disturbing aspects of life and avoid environments that overly challenge them or expose them to conflict – even when it would be constructive. Their focus is on keeping their peace of mind and staying in good relations with everyone.

Average Nines actually want to avoid conflict so much that they rather passively and stubbornly resist instead of addressing things openly. This makes for a kind of premature peacefulness, more alike to running away from the tension and paradoxes of life than actually going through it. That’s why average Nines are so often kind sweethearts that understand everyone else but have no clear definition of their own identity.

Key Challenge

The key challenge of Nines is inertia. Back in the day, you would have called it „sloth“: The desire to rather stay in an unrealistic world of peace and harmony than go out and meet the world head-on. Nines are so chill they actually are in danger of falling asleep to themselves, their passions, their desires, even their sense of who they are.

Unhealthy Type 9s

Their wish for inner peace drives unhealthy Nines to avoid not just conflict, but everything: life, the world, and, most importantly, themselves. They have become so accustomed to being overlooked that they don’t even realize how angry they are at this fact. Since they never learned to recognize their anger, they can’t address it, and so only express it by withdrawing, becoming stubborn, immovable and passive-aggressive.

Unhealthy Nines do not so much run away from the disturbing parts of life but simply try to ignore them. They turn to „simple“, aka painless, solutions to the paradoxes of life, even when that’s obviously impossible.

Healthy Type 9s

Nines are always good at seeing and understanding the viewpoint of others, but healthy Nines also see the flaws in them and realize they have their own unique voice. And by doing that, they find their energy. Healthy Nines have freed their willpower, which is when they discover that they actually have quite big reserves of strength and stamina. They become steadily and persistently productive and start living out their creativity – and even though Nines generally don’t crave the spotlight, healthy Nines learn to enjoy it.

Their gift for listening and being extraordinarily inclusive of others makes Nines amazing mediators. Like Abraham Lincoln and Queen Elizabeth II., they are able to heal conflicts, bring people together and restore peace. If there is an energy that can restore some kind of balance to this troubled planet, it is certainly the calm, reconciling spirit of healthy Nines.

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