Illustration of Enneagram Type 6: "The Loyalist"

Enneagram Type 6

The Loyalist

Responsible – Cautious – Reliable

What is an Enneagram Type 6 Personality?

“Sixes” can exemplify courage and commitment, but also struggle with anxiety and rebelliousness.

Discover The Great Things About Enneagram Type 6

Sixes are reliable, faithful and committed. They are kind and careful, amazing at foreseeing troubles and preparing for them. Sixes are often called „Loyalists“, because they stick with things that work and with people who have earned their trust. Sixes enjoy being part of and contributing to something bigger than themselves. They are steady, methodical problem-solvers and outstanding troubleshooters. This way, they often make the lives of their families and workplaces a lot easier. They also make amazing devil’s advocates: Questioning people’s motives and poking at ideas to find any inconsistencies before they turn into a problem.

Key Motivation

What Sixes are looking for most is security and consistency. They like rules and order. The more predictable something is, the better. The more guidance they get, the less they feel anxious about the world falling apart at every step.

The Worst, The Best, and The Average of Enneagram Type 6

Your personality isn’t a fixed thing. People grow. While we don’t change our basic personality (as much as some of us would like that), we all can become more mature and healthy inside our personality. But at times, we also revert to less healthy behavior. This looks different for every personality type. Let’s see how it unfolds for Sixes.

Average Type 6s

There’s quite a bit of a contradiction with Sixes. That’s because they are the most loyal of all types, not only to their friends, their systems and their beliefs, but also to the idea that all systems and beliefs should be questioned. On the one hand, this means that average Sixes can be quite rebellious. On the other hand, sticking to their chosen beliefs is often more important to them than the belief itself.

Average Sixes will fight more fiercely for their families, their community and their convictions than for themselves. That’s because average Sixes feel like they can’t fully trust themselves, so they seek trust in other people and systems.

Key Challenge

Sixes worry a lot. That’s because their key challenge is anxiety. In the eyes of Sixes, the world is a dangerous place that can only be tamed by sticking to what’s safe. Sixes are constantly struggling against the fear that the world will crumble around them if they aren’t prepared and sufficiently secure.

Unhealthy Type 6s

The contradiction that is inherent in Sixes gets more extreme when they are unhealthy. When you perceive everything as a possible threat, your reaction will always be either fight or flight. Unhealthy Sixes can become distrustful, paranoid and defensive, but also aggressive, provocative and bullish. Their fear of being left alone will make them do anything so people won’t leave them, but also lash out when they feel threatened.

None of those strategies really work of course. The obsession with security of unhealthy Sixes makes them blind to the fact that the actual problem is not the danger of the world around them, but their own emotional insecurities. In a way, they misuse Mr. Kings quip to rationalize their behavior:

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”
Stephen King


Healthy Type 6s

When Sixes learn to face their anxieties and realize the world is not as dangerous as they thought, they become healthy – which makes them serene, and often even courageous. Healthy Sixes have developed the self-esteem to stand up for themselves and trust their own decisions and opinions. They no longer just submit to authority or feel the need to rebel against it, but quietly and confidently contribute to their community.

Healthy Sixes often become impressive pillars of trust and responsibility. Gifted with tremendous endurance, they reach their goals through steady and untiring effort. They use their sharp and analytical minds to solve problems for a common cause, and in this way teach the rest of us about the joys of commitment and cooperation.

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